Sunday, 26 April 2015

North Norfolk Canter

I thought I'd take the SQ4 out for a little gallop along the coast this morning. We had a nice little trip along to Holt, to visit the North Norfolk Railway. This is a most excellent standard gauge line, with steam and diesel engines running most days in the summer, and a variety of special events throughout the year. This is the end of the present line, where trains from Sheringham terminate after a 5 mile trip through Weybourne & Kelling. You can take a bus into Holt, or look around the museum, or take the train back again:

North Norfolk Railway - Holt Station
Then a trip north through the countryside to the coast at the aptly named Cley-Next the Sea
Then along the gloriously twisty A149 through Salthouse & Kelling:
Salthouse Marshes
Stopping at the Muckleburgh collection on the way home:
Muckleburgh Collection
Twenty-one miles in all, no mishaps, apart from the fact that the front brake is being 'grabby' again. We did some more temperature measurements when we got back, which you can read about here. At the end of the run the oil pressure was reading about 20 psi at 25 mph.

Temperature testing also revealed that the front brake drum was at 117°C when I stopped. Hmm...

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