Sunday, 24 January 2016

Competition Bantam

Who needs one? Well, I'd certainly like one, but today proved that you can go slipping and sliding about on a road going Bantam quite happily, if you don't mind getting your boots and trouser muddy!

We went along this nice little track near to East Beckham in Norfolk today, on a round about trip back from the post office.

This is called Mill Lane, leading to Bennington's lane, and is about a mile & a half of potholed farm track. I last drove it about 10 years ago in the dry - today was wet & muddy and I almost lost the Bantam a couple of times. Road tyres!

Looks a bit muddy now! Glad I sprayed it with ACF50 before I set out.

Since I road this track, I have had another look at the Norfolk County Council definitive map - and realised that I completely mis-read the legend. I found that this track is not a BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic) at all - it is in fact, like most others, a Restricted Byway - horses, bicycles and pedestrians only!

Best not do that again.

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