Saturday, 7 May 2016

Clips & cables

In a recent discussion on cable clips, to which I contributed, I learned from Ray Tolman's post to the AOMCC forum that the front brake cable clip on the mudguard until 1955 looked like this:

Which was not what I had fitted, and it is not obtainable. So this is my version of the H33-46 with a fillister head 3BA screw, shakeproof washer and nut holding it to the mudguard, inspired by Ray's post:

It's just  a simple piece of folded sheet. It shouldn't have such a small radius curve on the end, as that would be more difficult to press cleanly:

On a similar theme this is a 4842-32 cable clip:

And here is one with a fillister head 3BA screw, holding the clutch and throttle cables to the head stock on my SQ4:

And here is the one on the other side, with the main harness:

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