Monday, 17 October 2016

Fixing the leaky tank

So, I have had the little camera inside the tank to look at the mount damage. This is the front, where the leak is; this is the better of the two:

This one appears to show the worst leak:

This is the tap connection from the inside:

These next pictures are the two rear mounts, which don't leak:

Curious tank sealer.

So you may remember that I qualified the use of the 'Seal-All' in this application in the blog post 'Leak Test'. To effect a repair, we will start by using a small wire brush in the Dremel to clean the area to be sealed.

In goes the sealer. you can see it land from the gap beside the mounting plate - I pushed it into place with a chopstick!

So I have replaced the offending tank bolts to avoid the threads become contaiminated with sealer. We will leave it for a few days to set.

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