Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kickstart Jamming

Since the beginning i have had persistent and intermittent problems with the W/NG kickstart jamming. Until now, this hasn't been much of a problem since it hasn't been going anywhere but since it is almost ready for the road, the problem needs a dose of thinking about.

Questions on the forum revealed suggestions about excessive end float in the kickstart quadrant, so I have turned the bike in the workshop preparing to take the gearbox end cover off. Looking at it from the outside I have realised the lever is somewhat loose.

Tightening it all up, I've realised the lever clamp nut fouls the clutch lever pivot on the gearbox end cover:

Tightening that up, the jamming problem goes away. Another schoolboy error.

I'm told I had a lucky break and that I should put the bolt in the other way around. Apparently if that nut comes loose and you give the lever a hefty kick, the clutch lever pivot will break off...

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