Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Misfires & Winter Jobs

I've tracked down an annoying misfire that may be of help to others. After a while, my Square starts to idle very roughly; so much so that I have had the carb apart for cleaning several times. The misfire seems to occur when I am on the way home, and I thought that it was happening when the engine was hot.

I've started to realise that it is down to the No. 3 plug terminal. When the engine has been running for 50 miles or so, there is enough vibration to back off the nut on the plug, with the result that the plug terminal sometimes shorts against the inlet stub...

Better HT cable routing required. I also noticed that my HT cable routing fouls the Bi-Starter mechanism...

It's time to think about winter jobs on the bikes, especially as the W/NG is nearly done and I will have at least two to choose from. For the SQ4 these are:
  1. Fix the speedo and get the blurred dial replaced
  2. Get a new slow-running screw for the Solex
  3. Decide on removing the indicators or not - I need to do something, because the indicators are regular tungsten bulbs and the load causes the LED headlamp to flash with the indicators. This is a bit disconcerting at night...
  4. Replace the front wheel bearings with sealed bearings
  5. Replace the front inner tube which leaks slowly
  6. Look at the brakes again as they bed in
  7. Make a new tool roll
  8. Fit a couple of transfers
  9. Change the oil tank for the one with a good filler neck thread
And for the W/NG:
  1. Grease the forks & replace the missing nipple
  2. Maybe replace the fork bushes
  3. Tighten the brake torque arm anchor or weld it in
  4. Make a T-bolt for the exhaust clamp
  5. Adjust and lubricate the primary chain
  6. Have a look at the clutch
  7. Change the regulator to a V-Reg
  8. Fit a couple of transfers
All good fun! And if I get a bit of bench space, and any spare time after that lot, I might start looking at the various welding jobs on the Huntmaster tinware...

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