Monday, 25 September 2017

Old Warrior Back in Action

So, over a year since the Old Warrior arrived on our shores, I've been out for the first proper ride and what a cracking bike it is. The gearing is very low as expected, but everything is working (except the voltage regulator which I knew about), the engine starts easily and pulls very well and the handling is rock steady.

I've never ridden a rigid bike before, but it feels more secure than my Anstey-frame SQ4 and my plunger Bantam. I've not hit any bumps yet, cranked over, so perhaps I've not really experienced the darker side of rigid bike handling but right now it feels good. I've not seen much movement from the forks - perhaps they are very stiff. They certainly need a session with the grease gun. I have the tyres set at 24 psi at both ends, which feels fine at the moment.

The brakes seem OK - better than the SQ4, but then this is a much lighter bike. Good feel and quite powerful, though there is a clonk from the torque arm. Clearly that's loose & needs sorting out.

The engine sounds a little rattly and is burning oil off the head - there has been some leaking from the rocker feed studs, which I have nipped up, and there is oil in amongst the rocker boxes. This is merrily burning off but I am not sure if it is still leaking. Time will tell. The primary drive sounds like the chain is too tight, and the clutch may be dragging a little, but the oil is returning happily.

So here is the job list:
  1. Grease forks & replace the missing nipple
  2. tighten brake anchor
  3. primary drive thrashing
  4. clutch dragging
We'll see where the next trip takes us!

Oil burning off the cylinder head
Same bike, same place, a few years earlier?

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  1. Hello Simon - If the front end is a bit firm, checkout spring turns and wire diameter. Smart guys on the forum will know all about this. I would hate to think you might develop Iron Rear End. Chris in Tokyo