Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A few little updates

So, a two weeks is a long time with no blog posts, but I have been out and about and done some of the little jobs. as you will have seen, I've updated the regulator and all is working fine now. Unfortunately a 20 mile road test a few days ago revealed that all was not well with the old Italian dip switch that came with the bike, in that it appears to have several extra positions, most of which give no light at all. More on that later.

Still, the bike is going well. I have several old, original grease nipples courtesy of that nice Mr. John Mitchell of the AOMCC, and these have allowed the girders to be greased properly:

The girders are now bobbing up and down with every little ripple in the road. Secondly I've cut a screwdriver slot in the brake torque arm anchor to help me tighten it up:

This modification was inspired by the W/NG that lives at the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum, in North Walsham:

I've also had a look at the primary chain, which I found was tight at certain positions. I've backed that off a little and added some SAE 50 to the chaincase - everything sounds happier in that direction now.

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