Monday, 26 November 2018

More timing gear

In a recent post, we looked at stripping the gear in the inner timing cover. This time, we are going to complete the strip in that area in preparation to splitting the crankcases.

As you will remember, I'd removed the dynamo sprocket after a bit of a struggle and went on to make a gudgeon pin puller so that I could lock the crankshaft, prior to removing the rest of the timing gear.

I locked the crank with a bit of 5/8" bar through the little end eyes, protecting the crankcase mouth with some strips of 3/8" MDF, then I knocked back the tab washers on the oil pump & camshaft nuts.

Both these nuts appear to have a 25/32" hexagon, close to 20mm - I used a 20 mm six sided socket. Fortunately neither nut was particularly tight and they came off with no drama.

The camshaft pinion is provided with two 1/4" BSC tapped holes, so its easy to pull the pinion off:

With the cam pinion out of the way, I could wind off the oil pump drive and remove the oil pump. It's a mazak pump - we'll think about replacing that at some point, but it probably won't be in the first phase of this rebuild. I also took the opportunity to remove the oil pressure relief valve while the cases were still in the engine stand - it's all present and correct, but its full of gunge.

The oil pump drive is damaged - it's old damage, not by me fortunately. We'll have to get it clean to see if it is usable:

I was concerned about pulling the crankshaft pinion off - or rather, I was concerned about spending more time making another puller. In the event, it moved with the slightest encouragement from a pair of screwdrivers.

So that's it for the moment - I just have to clean the parts up, inspect and store them before moving on to the crankcase and crankshaft.

I'll just have a sort through all this sludge...

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