Thursday, 7 November 2019

CX500 - baby steps...

I like to go to the workshop every day if I can - it is good for my mental health, it walks the dog and it means that the bike restorations do move forward, despite the railway getting in the way these days.

Today was no exception, and despite an overnight stay away in the city I managed 20 minutes shop time before going to bed.

You might remember that I had removed the crash bars a while back and I have decided they are not going back on. The upper engine mount studs are very long, and I have noticed in the parts list that Honda superseded these studs and nuts with shorter bolts, presumably since to remove the cylinder head you have to get the stud out anyway, which is a bit silly.

Secondly, I remember from the '70's people fitting these crash bars to CX500s and removing part of the radiator shroud to do it. I've not yet been able to find an uncut radiator shroud at a decent price so for now I have fitted domed nut covers to tidy this area up a bit.

Honda used these peculiar hose clips, one of which needed bolt croppers to get it off - I cut the threaded part. Now, I could replace these with new ones but two things: I like to be careful with money, and I like a challenge.

They are easy to fix. Once I had got it off, I cleaned all the parts on the wire wheel; I then replaced the cut screw with a new A2 stainless M6 x 40, which I adjusted in the lathe to give me an 4mm OD x 8 plain section on the nose, for the washer to fit on. I'll paint it black or silver later.

Last one for the day was this inspection cover:

I bought this to replace a broken one:

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