Friday, 1 November 2019

Let's get the CX Moving

It's been a busy month on the railway, cramming in some turns as we approach the quiet season; we've had some family stuff and some parties, and there has not been much time for repairing motorcycles.

It's not all been quiet though. I try the 'little and often' approach, pass by the workshop every day and do something.

Here's the story so far, mostly in pictures:

Camshaft holder in the parts washer

Cleaned, with the old oil seal removed

New camshaft nose oil seal

New waterway O ring

And back in place. This was finally tightened using the small torque wrench

More degreasing

This access cover needs replacing
As I had the radiator off, it made sense to tidy up some of the rusty steel parts.

This is the engine hanger, as removed

And repainted

The fan cowling, degreased and repainted
Both of the calipers have broken bleed nipples. I'm never sure I should attempt this sort of thing - it is fraught with risk for little gain:

I've drilled this out in stages to 6.6, jsut under tapping size for M8 which is 6.9. The remains of the thread come out easily though it has more clearance than I would like and the nipple does not seal at first - I have to improve the sealing surface at the bottom of the hole:

The radiator gets a repaint after cleaning as well:

Bleeding the brakes with a Visi-bleed:

Replacing the brake discs after painting the wheels:

Low strength thread lock will prevent these studs coming out next time. The nuts will be stainless.

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