Sunday, 20 July 2014

Great strides...

Masses done this weekend.

I started by trimming up the HT leads and setting the distributor position, followed by the ignition timing - easy with the timing cover still off.

Next I stripped the primary drive & the clutch, pinning the engine shock absorber and bolting up the inner case.

I pulled the outer cover off the gearbox, and removed the gearbox mainshaft. I wanted to check that I had greased the sleeve gear, which I had - too many stories of those bushes seizing! I thoroughly greased the gearbox change mechanism and the kick start parts, before bolting everything up and fitting the clutch.

For some reason the new clutch centre nut does not fit - tight on the thread. I'll have to use this old one, for extra 'patina'...

Next, the clutch cover. This has never been fitted with the exhaust in place and, as predicted by several AOMCC forum members, the exhaust fouled the clutch cover.

This was easily remedied with a little metal work, and I produced a professional looking dish in the cover with a hardwood block and a deep socket.

I fitted the rear chain and chainguard too, using my usual ty-wrap method:

Next, the smaller oil lines. These are very soft copper and are easily bent by hand.

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