Monday, 28 July 2014

Loose Ends

Well, its been an active and enjoyable weekend tidying up loose ends. Thanks go to Patrick Huthwaite who came by yesterday to do the inspection for the Dating Certificate - nice to meet you Sir.

On with the oil tank - the secret to fitting it, is to get it inboard enough to allow the clearance built in the top of the tank to accommodate the frame tube; the secret to allowing this to happen is to remove the nut on the gearbox top bolt.

Next problem is getting the oil lines in. I've realised that most of the struggle I have with this is down to the fact that the strainer I made is way too long, with the result that you have to bend it to get it in and it always catches on the threaded boss in the tank. I cut it down and re-soldered it:

So now, the oil lines go in easily.

I've also fixed the rocker feed oil lines:

And the rocker shafts are sealed:

What else?

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