Monday, 14 July 2014

Next steps

The build so far has shed light on a few issues, so I'm going to make a list of what I have to do next:
  • finish the valve timing. I need to get the DTI on the engine again to ascertain where the cams are going me peak lift - I currently believe this is about 15 degrees early, so I need to measure that precisely and adjust it
  • when that is done, the Morgo oil pump can go on
  • I have no hose clips on the oil lines - I need to take the oil tank out to fit them, and I need to fit the rocker oil line
  • whilst the oil tank is out I will fill the gearbox. I also want to make sure the sleeve gear is properly greased, so I will remove the clutch and mainshaft to do that, and I can finish off the primary case (sealing) and shock absorber (split pin) followed by the chain and chain guard.
  • Then I will fit the oil tank and prime the oil system, and fit the sump plate
  • Connect up the HT cables (so i know which distributor connection is #1) and time the ignition
  • Sort out the carburettor throttle return spring and fit the throttle cable properly
  • flash the dynamo to change to negative earth
  • finish the earth cables in the headlamp
  • commission the electrical system
  • fit the fuel tank and fuel lines
  • turn the engine on the power drill
And then the moment of truth will be upon us...

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