Thursday, 17 July 2014

Time to admit I made a mistake...

This, I have to admit, is a KH tank. It is a shame that I painted and lined it but it does look very nice!

This however is a Mk1 Square Four tank, which I bought from Jorgen Andersen of the AOMCC; it too will be very nice once it has had some treatment from a nice man with a welder and a can of Sureseal - oh, and a gritblaster, some lead, and some paint in various colours

 It has the bonus of being fitted with a better filler cap than my one

But it does have some dents, a mounting that is full of either weld or chemical metal, some holes around the edges, and some rather dicey looking threads. Its got the right tap (though it is in poor shape) and it has the crossover pipe.

It has some original red paint underneath, which happily looks very like the red I used on the wheels.

This is not so nice but it will add to the experience!

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