Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mighty Morgo

Today I fitted the Morgo oil pump made by Autovalues Engineering from Bradford.

The Morgo is a gear type pump, and is very nicely manufactured, well packed and is provided with a comprehensive set of instructions. While there are several Morgo rotary pumps for other Ariels & Triumphs, the fitting kits and instructions are bespoke to the model you are fitting. Very nice quality, well thought out.

The pump comes with a fitting kit, consisting of the left hand drive nut, a set of shims, a gasket, two tab washers and two mounting bolts

This is the drive side of the pump, showing the Oldham coupling used to drive the pump from the camshaft.

And here is the drive nut for the pump. Those slots are closely toleranced to prevent rattles and wear

Here it is in place. I've got it fitted with the original studs at the moment, since I don't like the idea of wearing threads in the soft crankcase to remove a service item but in practice you have to engage the pump coupling before bolting up - it is close fitting in its slots, as it needs to be, and this makes the bolts supplied with the pump the only practical way of fitting it.

I need to prime the pump - so I will refit it with the bolts supplied with the pump.

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