Sunday, 20 March 2016

Huntmaster - the next steps

Hopefully the next month will see a bit of space appear in the garage when the MZ TS250/1 departs for a new life. When that happens, we will be able to crack into the Huntmaster. This is the general plan:
  1. Complete the dry rebuild of the forks & nacelle, leaving cleaning up the oil seal holders until strip down;
  2. Get the mudguards, seat base and chain guards grit blasted ready for welding;
  3. Build up the frame and swinging arm, dry fit engine plates, gearbox, seat, swinging arm, mudguard etc.;
  4. Repair the seat base, chain guards and mudguard while the frame is on the bench & available for test fitting;
  5. Strip it all down and prepare for painting;
  6. Send the black parts to the Horsford powder coater;
  7. Send the tanks and toolbox to Ian Potter;
  8. Strip and rebuild the gearbox & clutch;
  9. Strip the engine, inspect and send the bottom end to SRM, including the original cases;
  10. Recondition the dynamo;
  11. Send the magneto for refurbishment;
  12. Clean the wheels and fit new Avon tyres;
We can work on the rebuild process later - that is quite enough to be going on with! Feel free to comment.

The only fly in the ointment? This:

Another TS125, whose frame is already in my workshop for a battery tray repair...

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  1. Definitely seems like a bit of a project you have ahead of you. Hope everything works out, thanks for the post.