Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Huntmaster Forks & Nacelle

So, having cleared some space in the workshop after sorting out the Square Four fork bushes, and having the fork tools out and the assembly details still loaded into my mind, I thought I would check out the nacelle and get an understanding of how it fits, what parts were missing and what parts were broken.

So here is the top view, with the nacelle and the instrument panel in place. All the fasteners are, surprisingly enough, missing - those hexagonal plugs are incorrect for that location I think. The stem nut and its washer are missing, as are the screws for the instrument panel. The instrument panel is a little bent, and may be cracked - there is a lot of braze around the handlebar clamp. In reality this is scarcely visible and will be easily remedied.

Under the instrument panel, everything looks good. I'm not sure whether the headlamp shell is supposed to be fitted grommet 'up' or with the cables exiting downwards...

Something else I did not expect - rear fixing holes. The nacelle is also a little distorted around the bottom yoke - easily fixed. The correct MCH60 headlamp shell is here - I am lucky to have that. The steering lock is missing, but the grub screw is in place and the damper is all together apart from that top nut.

I have the small bridge piece under the nacelle, no fasteners and the holes are a little worn - nothing that will be visible in service. The headlamp shell has lost one of its captive nut cages, though the nut is there. The alloy trim, which fits in those holes on top of the nacelle, is also missing.

Here's the headlamp, with the shell refitted grommet down. Thanks to the guys on the AOMCC Forum, I now know that this isn't the correct way, but it is the only way you can get access to the rim clamp.

Here's one of those top fork nuts. I'm not sure what it is - it's been shortened by someone.

Here's the fork top plug, which fits under the top bolt. Not sure why they needed both, but both of these are in place.

So all in all, not too bad. I have ordered the missing parts from Draganfly; next stop is to strip the legs and see what the bushes look like. The chrome shrouds have been painted, possibly using an etching primer - it looks like the chrome is coming off.

A braze repair makes short work of a crack in the instrument panel, smoothed with a good dose of flap-wheel:

And a little filing has the slots fitting neatly around the handlebar clamp studs:

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