Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dry Build - Tool Box & Voltage Regulator

Last night included a bit of dry building activity around the toolbox, regulator and horn. I added the primary case and the clutch cover to understand the space and fastener requirements.

The toolbox hangs from one of the seat mountings using a bolt passing up through the top of the box, through the seat mounting and into the seat - all quite straightforward.

The other fixing point is this tab, beneath the toolbox which allows the toolbox to bolt to a mounting on the frame. This tab is shared with the horn.

Here's a puzzle: Ariel do not list a separate horn bracket for 1958 and here's why - the horn bolts directly to the toolbox tab as shown in MickD's picture below. I don't have those holes on my toolbox! The swinging arm toolbox carried a -54 part number through to the end of four stroke production, so I must have an earlier incarnation of the same part, designed to be used with an Altette and not the Lucas HF1441 horn used in 1958.

I will have to make an intermediate bracket, or modify my toolbox.

Post script, April 2019: This bracket was made here.

My Lucas HF1441 horn, for the FH.

Here's a Lucas voltage regulator fitted in position behind the toolbox - but this is the 40W MCR1 regulator, smaller than the correct MCR2.

Here are two views of the large void from above:

And behind, complete with an up the nostril shot. Sorry about that.

A view from the front:

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