Sunday, 13 January 2019

On the Bike: Spares & Special Tools

Inspired by a letter in the VMCC magazine, listing the special tools and spare bits the writer carried on his machine, I was inspired to take a look at my own on-bike spares. You all know, from various blog posts that my tool kits align with Ariel's parts books:
However, there are a few items in the kits which are my own additions. The VMCC letter writer listed these items:
  1. Wire Cutters
  2. Foot pump
  3. Plugs plus HT lead
  4. Solderless nipples
  5. Adjustable spanner
  6. Cable ties
  7. Spare bulbs
  8. Feeler gauges
  9. Torch
  10. Spare links
  11. Plug spanner
  12. Cables
  13. Small mole grips
  14. Various spanners
  15. Emery cloth
  16. Screwdrivers
  17. Engine oil
Now, I have a comprehensive tool kit on both bikes (including a tyre pump), but I keep a little tin box with extra things as well. I have a torch in my jacket pocket at all times. As a civilian bike, the SQ4 has a Colman's mustard tin:

The SQ4 has a set of combination pliers  and a full set of spark plugs in addition to the standard tool kit.

The W/NG has it's Romac puncture repair kit supplemented with a few extra bits:

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