Sunday, 6 April 2014

Two heads are better than one

Regular readers might remember that I was lucky enough to find a reconditioned head at Draganfly a year or so ago, and wrote about it here.
Here it is again, ready for the head studs to be transfered to it from the old head, so that it can be fitted this week:
 Good plan, flawed by the condition of the old studs:
Worn threads

Worn & distorted threads

A bent stud
So, back to Acme for more studs... and nuts... and money...
And guess what? It wasn't until I wrote this blog post that I noticed that my 'new' head has a chunk out of the bottom fin at the back...

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  1. Yeah, that missing fin will be a bit of a problem, might be better to just fix up the old head, if you do get the 'new' one fixed though you will want to polish it as well to match the rest of the engine. A pity so much has gone wrong here with the head I have been looking forward to you getting the oil system up and running which literally puts you just one or two weekends out from riding her. After all, once the head is on and the Oil system is installed you just have to finish putting the last few pieces together, gas her up, and ride her down the road.