Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ariel W/NG at 1940's weekend

A couple of nice military bikes at the 1940's weekend in Sheringham last year.

Here's the Ariel W/NG from the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum:

And a visiting Royal Enfield WD/CO

A G3L pictured this year:

At the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum, I was lucky enough to be able to take some close up pictures of their W/NG:
0.303" period accessory
This bike is based on a frame that would have shipped from Selly Oak in the summer of 1944. Original aluminium cable strap:

Rubber cable sheath; no steering damper on this late machine.

Late 1941 engine.

Usual Ariel decompressor arrangement, and with rocker cover spring clips.

My favourite subject - curly copper fuel line.

Steel primary cover:

And again

Horn bracket, similar to mine:

And again:

Late footrests:

These are Ariel's tapered handlebars:

Original brake rod:

Another favourite subject - speedometer brackets:


The brake lever is straight:

Mine is cranked:

Here's Steve Carter's:

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