Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rotating Footrest

Fixing the magneto and the timing case means that I have an opportunity, with a little more dismantling, to fix another minor problem that the W/NG appeared with after its leisurely Italian sojourn.

Fixing the footrests last year I found that the peg on the engine plate, that prevents the footrest from turning was missing on the offside. I fixed this temporarily with some 4 mm rod I wound around the footrest and poked in the hole left by the missing peg.

Removing the magneto platform is straightforward, and demonstrates why the 1/2" headless bolts have to go in from this side. One of them needed the thread chasing out and some of the washers are missing.

An Ariel single, with an engine plate out:

Here's the plate as I removed it, covered in grime. Notice the hole:

I'm loving the parts washer:

Here's the inside of the plate. I've welded in a short length of 1/4" steel rod, which I'll cut to length later.

Here's the repair from the other side, after cutting to length and priming:

Painted black:

And back in place:

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