Sunday, 3 June 2018

A few little jobs

Sunday dawns, with yet another day of misty coastal weather. Everyone is in need of a slow day after a couple of weddings and a party, not to mention a busy week at work and a visit to the dentist, which left me lighter in the wallet and in the quantity of molars residing in my mouth.

So, all in all a good chance to get some quality garage time starting with a good clean for the Bantam, and the beginning of a clean for the SQ4, alongside a new rack for the TIG welder and some other workshop developments.

There's not too much to be done on the SQ4 now. I had a few transfers from Draganfly during the week, which I fitted today with some Halfords petrol resistant lacquer:

Toolbox and Oil Tank dry transfers

Waterslide transfer on the rear number plate holder
I noticed while out and about that I am not using the whole clutch lever and that sometimes I cause the clutch to drag by not pulling it in completely. I decided to move the lever up the handlebar, to the other side of the dip switch, so I could use the whole lever:

This is actually the correct position, according to the Owners Guide:

And here is the reality. Do I have the wrong handlebars?:

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