Thursday, 14 June 2018

2018 Classic Car and Bike Show

Last weekend saw some dry weather and the annual Sheringham Carnival Classic Car and Bike Show. We've attended a few of these before:

I'm quite surprised putting this post together that this is the 5th show we've attended - how time flies. This year was a good event - it didn't rain, and I had a chance to meet few enthusiasts I hadn't met before.

Here are this year's pictures:

One of the Ariels at this year's show!

Proudly made in Britain

One of my favourite cars - Sunbeam Alpine

Badged as a Lotus? Didn't know there was a Lotus Anglia

Another favourite - Fiat 500

1928 BSA single SV

Norton Big Four

Norton Big Four

Saab V4

Two Ladies in Carnival Spirit

Two Chevrolet Pick Ups

Nice Series 1

Ford Model B?

Volvo PV544

Just like my first car - Mk2 Mini Cooper

Possibly my all-time favourite - Lotus Elan


Excuse the ignorance - I know it's a Harley but any more???

Little cluster of bikes

Cluster of old bikes in soft focus!

BSA again

Riley RM


Aero Morgan Flight Deck

Sophistication - enclosed pushrods!



How can I buy one?

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