Thursday, 5 July 2018

Leader & Arrow Tools

Continuing my increasingly curious habit of documenting Ariel toolkits, today we complete some kind of set by adding the Leader tool kit to the work I have done on the singles, FH and SQ4 tool kits.

Here's the Leader toolkit, relaxing at home with a pipe and slippers after a long day at the office:

Now, most of you probably know that I don't have a Leader, so this post is an investment for the future and a contribution or sharing of information for other enthusiasts. This list is from the 1958 Leader parts list, but the list was identical in 1961.

And the accompanying illustration:

Now we can show this splendid picture from Brian H of the AOMCC, who identified the tools and gave me permission to use his pictures:

Starting from the left -
  • Possibly T3521 item 5, a small spanner of thinnish material, not used very much
  • T3526 item 8, which fits the steering stem nuts on the big end and popular nut sizes on the other end
  • T3500 item 11, the 'C' spanner for exhausts and rear spindle nut.
  • 6625-26 item 12, a tyre lever and one of the only items hanging over from the old four stroke range
  • T3501 item 13, Brian thinks this is the original allen key, it's quite worn.
  • T3557, the peg for ignition timing
  • An equivalent to T3523 item 3 - this is the same size as the original but is a replacement about 20 years ago, one end fits the rear sprocket.
  • An equivalent to T3530 item 7 - same style as the original but also a replacement 20 years ago.

One more, missing from the previous picture:
  • T3527 item 10, which  it fits the steering stem nut, so you have two to deal with the lock nut and the adjusting nut. The smaller end is 3/4 '' wide.
Here's another T3527:

Here's a bigger picture of a T3500 item 11, the 'C' spanner for exhausts and rear spindle nut:

And here's T3559, item 6 the screwdriver and feeler gauge:

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