Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sheringham Vintage Transport Festival

The North Norfolk Railway's annual Vintage Transport Festival and Bus Weekend is one of the events that I always attend here in North Norfolk. There's something for every taste, and this year we did the vintage bus trip with my two Grandsons on the Saturday. On Sunday, the busses, and there were 17 of them this year, are joined by cars at Holt station, including Morris Minors at Weybourne, and motorcycles at Sheringham. The buses are free and take you from Sheringham to Holt town centre via Holt station. Here's a few of them:

1957 Dennis Lancet UF Bus
 There were single-deckers - we went to Holt on this one.
1966 Daimler CVG6LX/30 Bus
Double deckers like this one, and a couple of RouteMasters, with some coaches as well:
1948 AEC Regal Coach
Sunday dawned sunny and bright as it often seems to for this weekend. Norfolk is a dry county and the grass here on Sheringham station was plenty hard enough to support a few old two-wheelers:

This Dominator is a regular. It's owned by Mike from Brooke and is lovely.

I particularly like this Gold Flash:

Some of the older bikes in the display:

A common sight around here - 1951 Ariel Square Four:

Ariels always attract the ladies:

Another Ariel:

Unusual sight - a Honda CB450. I'm guessing 1970?

As usual, several Velocette's attended the event. Five this year:

Some scooters:

The ubiquitous Bantam:

And when I returned to collect the last of my bikes, all that was left was my lonely W/NG alongside this very original F-B Plover 78.

 I think I know where this one lives, so I'll have to see if I can make contact with the owner.


  1. Pleased you enjoyed the event! A lot of work goes in to it and it's great to receive such positive comments. Neil.

    1. Well, if you need any help, next year just ask!