Friday, 1 February 2019

Dry Build - Putting the Gearbox in

Now that I have the footrest spacer sorted out, I will put the Burman GB gearbox in. I've stripped out the engine & primary side again, leaving the oil tank & tool box in place.

Frame spreader comes into it's own again. Here's the gearbox going in:

Followed by the gearbox plates, remembering to get them the right way round. One has a hole for the clutch cable, the other has holes to accommodate the flats in the top two studs.

Engine back in:

This is where you really need the frame spreader. It makes it very easy to get this spacer in, though space to actually turn the spreader is quite limited:

Having got it all back together, the next job is to repair the chainguard. Of course, I should have removed the gearbox sprocket before I put the gearbox back in - there is no way this nut will come undone with the gearbox in the frame, no rear wheel, and no brakes.

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