Monday, 25 February 2019

FH Crankshaft 3 Review

Confusing isn't it, all these crankshafts.

Number 3 is another small journal crankshaft I have acquired.

It's missing a few flywheel bolts, but at least someone has released one of the sludge trap plugs.

Now, before we go any further we need the reference dimensions for comparison with the results of the dimensional survey. Here's the data sheet again:

The timing side journal in this one looks fairly good and measures 1.355" in several positions, which would grind to -0.020"

The oil pump drive thread and the timing pinion journal will clean up I think.

The big ends vary a little - 1.418" on the timing side and 1.417 on the drive side, which is about -0.040"; Drags have shells down to -0.050", so these could be used one way or another.

The splines, drive side main and shock absorber thread will clean up ok.

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