Monday, 20 January 2014

Finish off the Coupling Gear Case

Well, lets get on. Inspired by a post in the AOMCC forum, I am going to fill the coupling gear case with engine oil prior to startup. The coupling gear case is filled by oil draining from a shelf in the crankcase, through a small tube above the gears. This mean it fills using oil splashed from the big ends, so would naturally take a while to fill after starting. I placed this small pvc tube into the drain hole - it passes out of the engine throught the sump plate which is not fitted at the moment:

When the case is bolted up, i'll fill it with oil and then remove the tube. Before we proceed though, does the exhaust bracket bolt fit now or after the cover is on? Best test it. Is this the right bracket for this side? There are two different lengths: 

Next the crankshaft outrigger bearing, held in place with Loctite 603. This is the one that is supposed to be 1 thou smaller on the inner race ID.

Coupling gear cover, new gasket and Threebond:

And all in place. Amelia is now on a drip:

I must remember to fit the spilt pin in that shock absorber nut. One thing I may have to correct later is that the two studs fitted at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions, the ones that pass through the dowels, are really about 3/16" too short.

The head is just sitting on there - it is the old original one and is not staying...

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