Saturday, 4 January 2014

Todays progress...

One pic today - and you'd have to have eagle eyes to spot what I have done!

Circlips fitted, small ends lubed up with engine oil, cams lubed ready for the block to go on.

I've also stripped the primary case off (& helicoiled a couple of holes), ordered the chains from Draganfly, cleaned out the battery carrier threads (which were full of paint), and tidied up the shed a bit.

Next stop, ring compressors. As it happens, 8-9 hours after writing the foregoing words this morning, I did do a bit more today. I finished my tin-strip ring compressors and did a trial fit of the barrel (well, it would have been THE fit of the barrel, had I not found that for some reason Number 1 piston will not slide gracefully into its cylinder, likes its brothers have done). The compressors work brilliantly though:

Base gasket in place ready for tomorrow:

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  1. Looks like you polished it to me, looks good and glad to see you're in the final stretch of this restoration.