Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reciprocating Engine

At last we have a reciprocating engine again.

Yesterday, pistons prepped with tinplate/tiewrap compressors, block ready with new gasket stuck in place with Threebond.

It took 6 hours over two days to get to this point. I'd get the block over all the compression rings, and it would persistently get stuck on number 1. After five attempts, which included checking ring radial thickness again, I realized that the 2nd ring on No. 1 had no shiny filed surface on the end - it was straight out of the box and had not been gapped at all.

That's what comes from working sporadically over several weeks. You need military precision on your record keeping, and to meticulously check & recheck what you did yesterday...

Here we have it all bolted down, with Threebond oozing out & Clay Jones shiny stainless steel nuts holding it all together.


  1. Nice so now all that is left is to install the dynamo, check the valves cam arms and rocker heads, install the head, oil pump and lines, sprockets, the timing primary and drive chains and covers, test the oil system which also means putting oil into the entire system, mounting the valve covers, spark plugs and wires, sanding and painting the ignition coil, clutch and the cover, finish the wiring, exhaust and foot rests, and put some gas in it to see if it works. Then Theoretically you are done! Unless I forgot anything, anyways, are you going to use the original dual piston pump for your oil or go with a more modern centrifugal pump for your system?

    1. It's a long list isn't it! Maybe I'll ride it in 2015?

      I have a Morgo gear pump sitting waiting to go on. The chains should be here this week...

    2. Long list, lots of small easy to do things, I did forget the carburetor on there though. The hardest things at this point is the valves, oil system and testing it, ignition coil, rebuilding the carburetor if you want to do that again, and the wiring the rest should go over smoothly so long as you have the right tools. At the pace you've been going it should be done within the month but you'd also have to set aside any other projects you have going as well.