Monday, 27 April 2020

QR50 - Assembly

It's a grand time in any project - where you are casting around for jobs and realise there is little left to do on the components. I'm at that place now with the QR50 - the crankcases are closed up, the frame is painted, the forks are done, the shock absorber is done, the centre stand is done and most of the transmission components are ready.

Right now, I can't start the wiring; I can't assemble the generator, the oil pump or the carburetter, I can't look at the exhaust or the generator cover, both of which are significant fabrication activities. What I need to enable these jobs is to put the main elements of the bike together.

Here we go.

First job is to prepare the transmission. The nut shown at 8 o'clock is the fulcrum pin for the rear brake shoes - this is inaccessible when the transmission is assembled:

Here's the fulcrum pin in position:

Next is the output shaft, with a bit of oil to lubricate the oil seal. The bearing is sealed and doesn't need separate lubrication:

And from the other side:

The crankcase is together, and this bracket bolts underneath to carry the centre stand and the rear shock absorber:

We can then fit the main frame spine and sub-frame on top of the crankcases:

The single shock absorber bolts in next:

Here's the other side:

I've fitted the barrel and cylinder head, to get a feeling for the space they occupy:

The inlet tract and reed valves are on place as well. Stepping back:

This is the oil pump drive fitted, which brings us to a close for the moment. The oil pump needs painting and some oil lines adding; I can see the routes and lengths of the harness now and once I have painted the transmission cover and finished the kickstart shaft I can assemble the transmission.

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