Thursday, 13 February 2020

QR50 - Petrol Tank: renovating plastics

Like most of the QR50, the petrol tank had received more than it's fair share of poster paint but it is at least intact and comes complete with its tap. The cap is unfortunately missing (like the oil tank cap) and has been replaced by a green plastic one from a Derbi:

The poster paint comes of in the sink, but the green acrylic underneath needs paint stripper:

With this gone, we can survey the damage. There are a few dings, the deepest of which pushes out with heat; other damage can be trimmed with a knife to remove it completely or make it a bit less obvious. Next, the whole tank is rubbed down with 240 grit wet and dry to start on the removal of the scratches:

When we've gone as far as we see fit, we'll move up though the grits to get it looking a bit better.

More later.

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