Wednesday, 1 April 2020

QR50 - Footrests

Updated: First published February 2020

You might remember from some time back that the QR50 footrests had at some point been torn off. I talked about it in this post:

I left the subframe like this, to provide somewhere for the rubbers to go, in case I didn't get around to making some folding footrests.

So, I've got around to making some footrests. The design of these is commonplace, in use in lots of bikes. The obvious thing to do is make the brackets from folded 5/8" bar or thereabouts, but the distance from the footrest hole to the bottom of the 'U' is critical - too much and the footrest will flop about; secondly the width between the arms of the 'U' has to accommodate the footrest and the spring.

Therefore, I decided to fabricate the brackets from three pieces - that would let me loosely assemble the bits and weld up when I knew the layout would work. Having done that, I assembled the bracket with a M6 screw for welding:

Here's the spring I am using. It came from eBay:

This is the footrest, just a bit of tube that fits the rubbers I have chosen (they are from a CG125, similar to the original QR50 ones). The small hole is for the bent end of the spring:

 That's a 1/4" bar in a 6.5 mm hole:

The upper side of the footrest bar has to be relieved to allow the footrest the space to fold upwards. If you look carefully you can see the two ends of the spring:

Here's a little video to show you that it springs back into place:

Now, the next step is to get these little chaps welded on the subframe. Here's a picture:

The white line shows the plane of the side plates, which I have wired in place approximately parallel to the frame member that goes up to the engine mount. Compare it with this bike:

Although this picture would have been better as a side-on view, it shows that I do not have the mounts in the right place yet. Glad I didn't fire up the welder!

Here's one, moved to the correct position:

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