Tuesday, 13 October 2020

W/NG - Interlude to engine assembly: fitting the bash plate

I've had the bash plate for the W/NG sitting around for over two years. I bought it on eBay, but I have never fitted it because they are an absolute pain to get on. Here it is, in original paint:

The sump guard mounts to the front lower engine mounts like this, and this is the reason it is a bit of a pain to fit. That stud retains the engine to the engine plates and the lower frame rails, and of course the engine plates tie the upper and lower frame tubes together. Secondly, the stud has to come right out to get the sump guard on. The problem comes because  the frame will spring open when you take the stud out sand therefore to get the stud in you need to lift the frame rails using the bike lift.

The rear fits in a single 5/16" CEI hole in this cross member, between the engine and gearbox. This hole has been peppered with road debris for years, so it needs cleaning out with a tap.

Once it's clean, you can retain the rear of the sump guard with a single hex screw and washer:

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